I rarely do book reviews, and I sometimes struggle with myself on books I end up choosing to promote. I did just that with “Essential Liberty,” and this surprised me because it’s a well-written, movie-paced page-turner. My problem was being able to relate some of the characters to plausible individuals relatable to my own experiences, until I realized that I was being guilty of shallow, knee-jerk reactions. And that’s where I found real strength in what I first perceived as potential disqualifiers.

–David Codrea, National Gun Rights Examiner, Field Editor of Guns Magazine

Essential Liberty, by author Rob Olive, tackles our greatest fears: The widespread prohibition and subsequent confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens, and the resulting moral, ethical, and constitutional crises. This isn’t just about guns, it’s about civil liberties, families, friendships, and abuses of power. I highly recommend Essential Liberty; this one is a “must read” for Second Amendment advocates and political fence sitters alike.

–Keith Wood, Host of the National Rifle Association’s “Bullshooters” Blog

Consider Essential Liberty required reading for anyone who knows how fragile liberty is and how worthy it is of fighting for. It is, indeed, worth dying for and that implies, of course, that it is worth killing for. And that, perhaps, makes this book even more required reading for those who would undermine our liberty. If you liked John Ross’s Unintended Consequences and the Matthew Bracken Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy, you will no doubt find Essential Liberty impossible to put down.

–Kurt Hofmann, “Armed and Safe” Blog, Columnist – Gun Rights Examiner