americas-first-freedomAmerica’s First Freedom Magazine  | May 2013

Throughout history, the licensing of gun owners and the registration of firearms have almost always led to confiscation in one form or another. But could it happen here, in the United States of America?

It’s looking more and more as though it could, unless we fight with every fiber of our being. If confiscation did come to these shores, what might it look like? It’s hard to imagine our fellow law-abiding citizens being hauled off to prison for refusing to relinquish their rights under the Constitution, but that’s exactly what might happen if certain legislators and “advocacy groups” get their way.

Author Rob Olive, in his fantastic new novel, “Essential Liberty,” paints perhaps the most realistic and chilling picture yet of what firearm confiscation in the United States might look like. Orwellian in its unnerving proximity to real-life, “Essential Liberty” could truly have been ripped from today’s headlines. Although a fiction thriller, it’s a book that every liberty-loving American should read and share.

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