Examiner  | Feb 2013

I rarely do book reviews. I not only don’t have time, but I’m actually uncomfortable doing them. That’s because if I don’t care for a book enough to recommend it, that is, to put my name behind an endorsement and encourage readers to buy a copy, I realize it’s generally simply a matter of subjective preference, so I don’t figure it’s my place to publicly rain on someone’s labor of love, hopes and hard work. And that’s why my policy is I will only give good reviews.

None of this is to say books I’ve chosen to not review are bad, but simply something about them and me did not mix. And that’s not to say I don’t struggle with myself on books I end up choosing to promote.

I had to do just that with “Essential Liberty” by Rob Olive, and the internal deliberation surprised me because it’s a well-written, movie-paced page-turner that lives up to its self-description: “A Thriller.” You put it down, you want to get back to it. At least I did. –>

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